Potential GEI Projects

GEI Projects:

Environmental Certification Institute- A program geared towards certifying professionals (teachers, scientists, auditors, architects, environmental technicians, engineers, planners, management, etc.) with environmental credentials.

Green Research Center- create on campus a research center to focus on green technology development in science and engineering, green design and building, business strategy for alternative businesses and technologies, local planning limitations and possibilities, etc. aimed at creating a collaborative resource for the eco-industrial park, works as an incentive for the EIP businesses.

Senior Seminars and Independendent Studies- These programs could provide incentive for students to become involved in the Green Enterprise Initiative, while tapping into their research potential and creating a community where ideas about sustainability and its implementation locally are discussed on campus.  Promotion on campus through flyers and announcements in classes and campus group meetings will be needed to reach the student body.

Virtual Green University Network HUB- Create a International group of like-minded sustainable development university-city or universtiy-business partnerships to share ideas via email groups centering links to resources, other initiatives, etc. on a webpage.  Such an initiative could later develop into conferences, print newsletters, etc.

Youth Environmental Outreach Programs- Bring environmentally focused students into local elementary classrooms and work with Junior High and High School students on local projects.



Community Forums- to discuss local environmental issues, get public feedback on environmental initiatives, form and network groups, brainstorm new ideas.

Eco-Industrial Park (EIP)- A financially-incentivized center for economic development of emerging green technologies working in collaboration with green research center on campus.  Locate this on vacant site within city.

Green Center- as explained by Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange.  Self-contained eco-building with small booths/shops for environmental businesses and space for business start-up incubation as mall on the ground floor, offices for environmental consultants or other non-retail environmental businesses on 2nd floor, non profits on the top floor, solar roof, meeting space for community groups, events, speakers, etc.  Possible businesses include solar paneling, green landscaping, electric bikes, hemp retailers, green investment groups, organic food distributors.  See Global Exchange's Green Mart Proposal for more details.

Local Stargazing Conference- A conference of relevant decision makers including local government, green businesses and prospective green businesses, UCSC GEI participants, environmental NGOs, green business association and environmental consultants involved in the bay area and willing to make a contribution of knowledge, and any other key players.  This group could draft a formalized city plan to put through the city council.


City Sustainability Initiatives:

City Compost System- used for biomass energy production or fertilizer for farms or gardens

City-wide Green Energy System- City owned solar/wind/tidal/biomass energy generation leading towards self-sufficiency, tax credits on solar panel purchasing, all government buildings running on green energy, other incentives for business/homes to go solar.

Community Gardens- May create a community environmental ethic and network.

Create a City Environmental Department- to organize and oversee all city environmental programs and recommend green government choices.

General Green Business Incentives- tax credits and other incentives for green business to relocate or for local business to go green.

Green Tax/Incentive System- to promote higher levels of recycling, use of organic fertilizers/pesticides, green building design, energy conservation, creation of environmental projects (ecovillage) or non-profit groups.

Sustainable Transportation- Biodiesel busses, sol-train, tax-credits on hybrid and electric vehicles sold in city.