Green University Government and/or Business Partnerships, Centers, and Programs

University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (UK)
18 UK Universities involved in a 3-year sustainable economy project.

Sustainable Toronto
2 Universities, several non-profits, and the city of Toronto collaborating to promote community sustainability and facilitate the transition to a sustainable society by challenging and working with all sectors including governments, researchers, educators, businesses, non-profits and other community members.

York University Center for Applied Sustainability
The mission of the York Center for Applied Sustainability is to promote the application of sustainability principles and practices throughout society, including in the public sector, the private sector, the civil sector, and in education.

Silicon Valley Environmental Partnership
A consortium of city staff, business leaders, environmental NGOs, and University professors that promotes environmentally sound business and community practices through collaboration and education. They wish to make Silicon Valley a sustainable community with a vibrant economy and a healthy environment by focusing on efforts that bridge the traditional "tension" between the environment versus the economy, demonstrating that both goals can be achieved in a mutually supportive fashion to move the community toward sustainable development.

University of Regina Center for Sustainable Communities
Works with city and research council to implement Sustainable Communities Initiative.

Center for Environmental and Economic Development
Allegheny College's CEED engages Allegheny College students, faculty, and the community in creating innovative approaches to environmental stewardship, environmental education, and regional revitalization.

Institute for Sustainable Development in Business
encourages businesses and business support organizations to access the wide environmental and sustainable development knowledge base of The University, the aim being to improve their environmental performance.  The Institute is involved in various projects and is a also key partner in the Sustainable Business Network.

MIT- City of Cambridge Partnership
Collaborates on City global warming reduction strategies

University of British Columbia Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability

Sustainable Development Research Initiative
Researches relevant solutions to real world problems by collaborating with non-academic partners.

Canadian Roundtable
Council between universities business and government- news article to pursue further:

University Green Roof

Columbia University's Earth Institute
Crossdisciplinary academic program.

Columbia University Sustainable Development Initiative

Center for Sustainable Design
Engineering hub at Surrey University, UK

University of Teeside Clean Environment Management Centre
"CLEMANCE's mission is to take cutting edge environmental techniques, package them in a practical framework, and deliver the results to industry, the public sector and the wider community, thus delivering step changes towards sustainable development."

University of York Green Chemistry Program
Researches and develops environmentally-friendly chemical alternatives. The groupís main research areas are clean synthesis, heterogeneous organic-inorganic hybrids, modified starches and new materials including catalysis.

DeMontford University Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development
Employing engineers, architects, planners, building scientist, social scientists, and computer scientists, the institute seeks to contribute to profitable sustainable development of the community through research, consultancy, and education.

University of Oregon Institute for a Sustainable Environment
A center for special, collaborative, and applied research projects. The institute's activities aim to produce information that can help resolve complex problems and enable people to sustain the economies and environmental systems that support their communities.