Working Documents

Eco-industrial parks
Links to U.S. eco-industrial park websites.

Environmental Certification Programs
Links to dozens of certification programs in the United States for professionals.

Green area businesses
In Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Bay Area.

Green cities
Links to green city initiatives.

Green partnerships
Links to university-government-business partnerships that work for sustainability.

Green Purchasing
A list of resources for green purchasing groups, purchasing associations, and resources for procurement agents.

Information sources
Helpful websites, potential groups to network with, and other inspiring projects.

List of research facilities
A MS excel list of research stations, parks, and other facilities of environmental interest.

Organic food processors
In Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Bay Area

Potential funders
List of foundations, government grants, and private investment who mighta fund GEI projects.

Potential projects
Some ideas for what GEI might do.

Proposal for GEI research group