Existing and Developing Eco-Industrial Park Sites in the U.S.

1. Berks Country Eco-Industrial Park
Berks County, PA
A state/private project converting landfill into energy system for manufacturing.

2. Brownsville Eco-Industrial Park
Brownsville, Texas
Cross-border multi-firm resource-sharing strategy.

3. Burnside Eco-Industrial Park
Nova Scotia, Canada
Eco-Efficiency Center nonprofit run in coordination with Dalhouise University to green the park and serve as business coordinator both within park and regionally.

4. Cabazon Resource Recovery Park
Indio, California
An EIP set up by a Native American tribe currently running a biomass electricity generation plant and a recycling-manufacturing company making products of used tires.

5. Civano Industrial Eco Park
Tucson, Arizona
Business center for the development of sustainable technology.

6. Coffee Creek Center
Chesterton, IN
A residential, office, and retail model supporting green tech and consulting groups.

7. East Shore Eco-Industrial Park
Oakland, California
Group of four alternative waste processing companies operating under environmental schemata, with expansion plans under way.
See also East Shore EIP power point presentation.

8. Fairfield Eco-Industrial Park
Baltimore, Maryland
Boasts an impressive list of major US and international corporations adhering to strict eco-guidelines in city-created “empowerment zone”.

9. Franklin County Eco-Industrial Park
Youngsville, North Carolina
Eco-design solar-powered building in which all tenants sell or service technology or products involving alternate energy, recycling, or sustainable building.

10. The Green Institute
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cluster of four programs including re-use center to redistribute usable materials to public, a community gardening project, non-profit green technology advocacy group, and an eco-enterprise building housing companies, non-profits, and listed programs.

11. Plattsburgh Eco-Industrial Park
Plattsburgh, New York
Research, recreational, industrial, and commercial facilities on abandoned air force base near Canadian border.

12. Port of Cape Charles Sustainable Technologies Industrial Park
Eastville, Virginia
HUB Zone, foreign trade zone, and Virginia Enterprise Zone with specific incentives for photovoltaic producers, clean fuel vehicle manufacture, and recycled material producers.

13. Raymond Green Eco-Industrial Park
Raymond, Washington
Located within a sustainably harvested forest, works with local resources and processes waste streams on site.

14. Riverside Eco- Park
Burlington, Vermont
(note: now named Intervale Food Center)
An agro-industrial park using biomass and other cooperative reprocessing techniques.

15. Skagit County Environmental Industrial Park
Skagitt County, Washington
Sustainably built recovery center as centerpiece of park which includes production, community center, sales and marketing center, and environmental business center.

16. Shady Side Eco-Business Park
Shady Side, Maryland
Marine-based park with high level of local community participation.

17. Trenton Eco-Industrial Complex
Trenton, New Jersey
Urban network, not geographically contiguous.

18. The Volunteer Site
Chattanooga, Tennessee
(note: now named Enterprise South Eco-Industrial Park)
Business development center site on underused military facility using "cluster" approach to target specific industries.

Eco-Industrial Park Resources:

US EPA Guide to Financial Resources for Eco-Industrial Parks

EPA's Designing Industrial Ecosystems Tool (DIET)
Aids decision makers and planners in identifying optimum combinations of industrial facilities to site in an eco-industrial park. A scenario-building tool, the model allows the user to weight his/her priorities for the site and to optimize for job creation, profitability or environmental benefits.

Indigo Development
'Environmental think-tank' that has pioneered, advocated, and replicated the concept of EIPs.  Help plan community specific EIPs.

Smart Growth Case Studies
Surveys successes and failures of eco-industrial projects.

Cape Charles Eco-Industrial Workshop Proceedings
Includes detailed descriptions of all projects

Department of Energy Resources
See below for list of references.

On-line Articles and Publications available on DOE website:

"Eco-Industrial Parks: A Case Study and Analyses of Economic, Environmental, Technical, and Regulatory Issues" (Executive Summary in .pdf )

"Fieldbook for the Development of Eco-Industrial Parks" (Executive Summary in .pdf)

"The Industrial Ecosystem Development Project Report" (.pdf)
Addresses lessons learned and suggestions for others interested in undertaking industrial ecosystem development in their communities in the fourth section.

"Guide to Financial Resources for EIP Development"

"Industrial Ecology in Motion (3): Eco-Industrial Parks"

"Making Industrial Parks Sustainable"

"Eco-Industrial Parks: One Strategy for Sustainable Growth"
Provides an overview of Eco-industrial Parks (EIPs).

"Eco-Industrial Parks Offer Sustainable Base Redevelopment"
Outlines the opportunities presented by EIP models for military base conversion.

"Eco-Industrial Parks: The Case for Private Planning"
Compares private and public mechanisms in the development of industrial loops and illustrates how regulation of hazardous waste in the United States currently thwarts such industrial symbiosis. The essay concludes by arguing that greater reliance on market forces would be the most effective way of replicating the Danish experience at Kalundborg, the world’s first Eco-Industrial Park.


Eco-Industrial Parks: A Case Study and Analysis of Economic, Environmental, Technical, and Regulatory Issues, Research Triangle Institute, 1996.
A report exploring the economic and environmental feasibility of eco-industrial parks by constructing a simulation of a prototype in Brownsville, Texas. Available from: Research Triangle Institute, attn: RTI project # 6050, P.O. Box 12194, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709; phone (919) 541-5800; Fax (919) 541-6683

Eco-Industrial Parks: A Handbook for Local Development Teams, RPP International, 1998.
"Considers many strategies for community sustainable development as a context for industrial park development or renewal. It ranges from the soft infrastructure of policy, finance economic development, and education to the specific technical, recruitment, and management considerations in industrial park design."

Fieldbook for the Development of Eco-Industrial Parks, Research Triangle Institute, 1996.
A report providing guidelines for meeting the significant challenges to eco-industrial park development. Available from: Research Triangle Institute, attn: RTI project # 6050, P.O. Box 12194, Research Triangle Park, NC, 27709; (919) 541-5800; Fax (919) 541-6683

"Industrial Ecosystems: Developing Sustainable Industrial Structures"

Eco-Industrial Parks Offer Sustainable Base Redevelopment
Outlines the opportunities presented by EIP models for military base conversion.

Compendium of Eco-Industrial Projects
Provides links to over 25 EIP projects in the US and abroad.

Case Studies of 16 Eco-Industrial Parks in the U.S.